A chat at home with Triona of MamaHugz Yoga in Richmond

A Personal branding photography shoot and a chat with Triona from MamaHugz Yoga in Richmond

I was introduced to Triona a few years ago now.  She was making a name for herself in Richmond, her local town, in the field of pregnancy and Mum and baby yoga.  She needed a few images for her business which I shot and since then have worked on a number of projects together.  I was also thrilled to photograph her first baby shortly after he was born along with Triona and her husband.

Below is a photo branding session from a few months ago and a chat with the lady herself.  I photographed Triona at home reflecting the situation in this Covid year where home has become our work space as well as our relaxation space.  Our homes and our communities have become even more important than before and Triona is passionate about her community of St Margarets and Richmond.

Tell us a little about your background

I grew up in Kilkenny and trained as an accountant but then the travel bug hit and a friend inspired me to give London a try.  I was finally persuaded and took a career move working with Price Waterhouse Coopers in the city.   I loved to buzz of London and my job and I also met my now husband here.

I had found yoga in Ireland and had always enjoyed the mental and physical grounding and calm it brought but a trip to India for a friend’s wedding introduced me to a different level where I met the most inspiring teacher and, in that week in Goa on one of his retreats, I started to develop a deeper connection to the practise.  He instilled a greater confidence in me which pushed me to really believe more greatly in it’s benefit.   I guess a kind of awakening!

On my return from that trip I started to think more about my yoga journey and one day I saw a yoga business pitching their business on the television show Dragon’s Den.  A few days later I called them to chat further about working with them – I loved their ethos: Yoga throughout a woman’s life supporting their emotional journey starting with pregnancy through motherhood.   The next day I joined.  A few years on with experience in the yoga business under my belt, I decided to take a big leap and set up by own business – MamaHugz Yoga embracing mother, woman and child.

My yoga business encompasses pregnancy and mum and baby yoga classes for local mums and recently I have also recently introduced Kids Yoga.

What are your current hopes and dreams?

A have worked hard to achieve a loyal following of wonderful and supportive mums over the last few years which means a great deal to me so now it’s all about finding and keeping a balance between my work and home life.   I want to keep that passion and explore new ideas and ways of working while ensuring that I spend plenty of time with my husband and son.

Any advice for a new mother?

Take it day by day – don’t think ahead too far.  Remember everything is just a phase and it will pass. Don’t get bogged down by reading ‘how to’ mum books and concentrate on trusting your own instincts.  You always have a choice so really focus on that.  Finally I would say, it’s not easy and you may feel a little crazy – but it’s ok and normal.  You are not crazy!

What have been the biggest challenges workwise?

Self doubt – Imposter symdrome!   Building a business is tough and you question your worth and whether what you are doing is valuable.  I found local competition tough – when a new similar business sets up in your area, you question if your following will stay with you.  Also renting a studio is tricky as sometimes things go wrong with that.

In the end I have been humbled by the support of the local mums.  They have stayed with me and that means a great deal.  It’s a wonderful community in the Richmond area…  once they use and like you they stay with you.  I have had amazing feedback and cards and gifts and that is what it is all about for me.   Loyal and happy clients!

Then there is the mum guilt around not being with my family when I’m working but I’m finding that balance now so it’s getting better although it can creep in when I’m not looking.

Where would you like to be in a few years?

Most definitely in my community of St Margarets and the Richmond area.  I love it here and I want to give back.  I don’t want to become stale, so it is about searching for new ways to offer something valuable to my clients.

Favourite place in the UK?

Chipping Campden in The Costwolds.  I love the beautiful villages which all offer something different.  I particularly love the amazing food in the pubs there.   It’s so peaceful too compared to London which offers something really different not so far away.

Favourite spots abroad and why?

Most definitely France.  I went to university in Grenoble and used to go to France for family trips every year as a child and that has stayed with me.  I adore the culture and of course the food – particularly in Provence and the Cote D’zur.

How do you handle a bad day?

Exercise of some form.  Fresh air.  Self care – a massage or a hair appointment – to treat myself!

Work ethic?

I have a strong work ethic.  I want to do my best and be honest and authentic.  Making others happy is important so customer service is central to my business.

Brands that inspire?

I love to shop local so a wonderful brand called Seekology focused on selling independent beauty and wellbeing brands is selling in Bhuti Richmond.   I also adore the candles from Avenue Richmond which are hand made and local.   As a yoga teacher I use doTerra Aromatherapy oil which compliments my work beautifully.



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