Headshot Photography

Creative & Natural Portraits 





A creative portrait shoot indoor or outdoor with five photoshopped images

Further images £20 per image




A variety of packages available for professional headshots individually or the team

Please contact me for a pricing pack


Every one should have a creative headshot which can be used in either your professional or personal life

Why have a headshot portrait done?

A creative headshot image not only completes a beautifully written CV or online profile of you but it gives the reader an instant connection to who you are!   It’s powerful and professional.

How should I prepare for my headshot?

Once we have decided what you will be using the headshot for, we can agree on location to suit you.  I try to use natural light as much as possible but sometimes bring along some lighting.   You just need to relax and enjoy and you may decide to have both a professional and personal shot taken which means we need to discuss outfits and colours prior to our meeting.   The shoot will normally take about 1.5 hours.

What is included in my shoot?

1.5 hours of shooting, a professional and personal outfit to photograph in and a gallery of around thirty full edited images for you to choose from.

What happens if I have to cancel?

There won’t be a charge, we will just re-schedule.

what is your style?

Natural, creative and simplistic.    As it’s a creative headshot I try to draw out a little of your essence and what makes you unique.  This can be through a location, some clothing, a prop or just how we light the shoot.  I fully edit all images and can touch up in photoshop.

How much does it cost?

Costs are £180 for 1.5 shoot and one change of clothing.   If we shoot in the studio it will add up to a further £50.  You will receive a gallery of high resolution edited images and for this price you can choose ten.   Further images are £20 per image.  If you require your team to be photographed then please message me for an individual price.

What about some shots for my personal brand?

If you are a small business and require some professional shots of you and of your business then I would love to help.  I can bring my creative imput and professional photography expertise to understand your brand and to help you create a stunning portfolio for your marketing, website and social media presence.  I charge on an individual basis for this so message me and we will organise to chat.


words from the heart

I chose Jilly for my headshots as I loved the lightness and natural feel of her work.  Before the shoot we chatted about what I wanted to achieve from the time together and Jilly worked with me to plan locations and lighting.  Jilly put me at ease, she has a sensitive eye and is very creative.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to others wanting a very personal yet professional service.


I was introduced to Jilly via word of mouth.   I was impressed with the work I saw and decided to update my professional photograph for business.  I wanted a different perspective:  Jilly listened, gave direction and I loved the results.  I highly recommend Jilly for professional headshots.  I also decided to have a mum & daughter shoot as well which was fantastic.  Thank you Jilly.


Jilly’s brief from me was to take a professional photograph that I would like (I hate images of myself).  She understood my insecurities with the camera and found an ideal environment to capture my personality.  I was amazed that I liked many of the photos and I can’t thank Jilly enough for the time and energy she put into taking them.  I highly recommend her work and she is caring and thoughtful in her approach.


I met Jilly through a business contact and after researching her work and chatting to her I decided to use her to create a portfolio of images that I could use in both a professional and personal setting.  Jilly gave me plenty of information prior to the shoot and put me at ease on the day.  We took the time to capture a wide range of creative shots that I love and will use in a variety of way.  I highly recommend her as a headshot photographer.