An interview with Karin from Yo flow & Good Life Designed

Lifestyle branding photography session for Yo Flow & Good Life Designed

Its always exciting to be a part of a growing business that offers something unique.  Karin combines a fascinating mix of life coaching & mentoring through her work with Californian based Good Life Designed and her business, Yo flow, which offers restorative yoga practise, mindful journaling & mindfulness through art & journaling for kids.

I interviewed Karin after taking some images for her portfolio.  You will find it below the images.


Tell us a little about your background?

I am from a tiny village in Denmark and have lived in Richmond for 14 years with my husband and two daughers (9 and 16 years old).

As a holistic coach, yoga teacher, journalist and author, I combine a deep fascination for the way we live our lives, ancient tools of yoga and meditation and a modern down to earth approach to self-development.

I have my own wellness company Yo Flow and am part of the Amercian community and mentoring company Good Life Designed and have helped develop a powerful process that will enable you to live your best life.  I work with lots of different people and whether I am teaching my Karma Kids sessions or working with women nagivating challenging changes and phases in their lives, I am passionaate about inspiring and empowering everyone to find what works best for them and create a realistic dream life.

What are your current goals and dreams?

To embrace the paradox of my desire to live a simpler, calmer life whilst still pursing my curiosity, new ideas and developing my business

How has motherhood changed you?

I believe that fundamentally we are who we are and as we develop and grow, we get closer to the essence.  I don’t think motherhood has changed me as a person but it has certainly had a huge impact on me.  It might sound like that is the same but for me there is a difference.  Becoming a mum changes your world but not necessarily you and that does bring a whole set of challenges so it’s easy to forget you and your needs.  When I had my first daughter (almost 17 years ago) I remember how my comfortable life was suddenly penetrated with an extreme range of feelings on a daily basis and I would swing between all consuming love to scary taboo feelings.  I have been on an emotional rollercoster ever since and it’s lots of fun but there is never a dull moment.

Any advice for a new mother?

Two really great pieces of advice supported me through the first couple of years.  One was from a friend who said “Don’t forget to kiss your husband and drink some red wine”.  The midwife encouraged me to always trust my own instincts.  I could add alot more ‘Sleep when the baby is sleeping”, “dare to be honest with self and fellow mums” and “don’t put yourself at the bottom of the to do list”  It’s very easy to loose track of yourself when there is always someone else who needs your attention.  I have learned the hard way, that it’s ok to say to your children – and other people for that matter – that you are simply not available.  My time is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Where would you like to be a few years from now?

My worst  fear is getting stuck, therefore I would like to remain in a place of open curiosity and explore my life.  When I turned 50, I read Ilchi Lee’s book “I have decided to live to 120”  It inspired me to look at the age on my birth certificate with a new perspective.  Any age can feel old if you are not in a good place with yourself.

Favourites places in the UK and why?

I am going to have to say Richmond.  I love being on the doorstep of this cool, inspiring, open-minded and constantly changing city that is London while still living in a green oasis.  You get the best of both worlds, and as a person who loves to travel, explore new places and ideas, I can’t imagine a more inspiring base.

Favourite spots abroad and why?

I have a longstanding love relationship with vibrant New York and a soft spot for California with its laid back yet energetic and experimental vibe.  As a family we love to spend a few days in the swim club at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  Lying in 40 degrees, listening to the cool DJ mix of old songs and contemporary artists while staring at mountains and towering palm trees in the hazy horizon brings the perfect mix of chill out and inspiration.  Two more stand out, my summer haven in the Danish seaside town of Kikhaven, where I start my days embracing my inner Viking with a dip in the (often) cold sea water.  Oaxaca in Mexico is the most soulful place, super charming old town with vibrant colourful houses, cobbled streets, hidden bars, colourful markets with artisan design, small galleries tucked away, gorgeous food and friendly people.  You will not leave without snacking on grasshoppers, sipping Mezcal and falling in love with Mexico.

How do you handle a bad day?

They always seem to surprise me and they are so much easier to handle in the comfortable hindsight.  I have become alot better at accepting off days as part of my life.  If I’m having a bad day, I go quiet and escape to the yoga mat.  If people around me are having a bad day, it seems more stressful because my instinct is to help and fix it.  But really all you can do is accept it;  just be there and let it pass.

Work ethic?

As a Scandi, I am fairly laidback in many ways.  However, when it comes to work, I have this “work first, play later” ethic drilled into my bones.  I can easily overcommit to work and have spent many years fighting my inner workaholic.  Even though I have given my work life a complete overhaul and work flexible hours, any small assignment will quickly move to the top of my list.  The positive side is that I’m very driven and feel alive when I explore buzzing new ideas and connect with like-minded people.






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